Garden Room

Garden Room

01. Introduction

Client:    Reynolds

Status:     Completed

Start:       18 April 2019

End:         1 May 2019

Budget:   £16,400

02. Previous Issues

Fantastically finished in off-white, this special Garden Room with extended decking provides spectacular new living space for the growing family.

  • Tastefully designed and completed.
  • Bright and airy.
  • Double glazed twin patio doors.

03. Solution

Easy garden rooms designed and constructed a wonderful garden room with twin folding patio doors providing a completely open view.

  • Adequate electrical supply was installed along with twin double glazed patio style entrance doors.
  • It is worth noting that no additional insulation was required for this project since our standard insulation meets and exceeds Government specifications.
  • A large skylight, tiled floor, and mood lighting was also introduced to complete the Graham’s Garden Room.